Thursday, January 29, 2009

little updates

We're trying to keep track of little things as we make these diet and supplement changes, and here're the first 2 days of them from my notes:

1-28-09 First B12 shot and started CF diet, digestive enzymes, probiotics, cod liver oil and MCT (coconut oil)
-Massive temper tantrum at dinner
-Clearly said ‘Don’t go’ to Rod
-Asked for his blanket and his Thomas before bed
-Almost 100% on the CF – snitched some cheese from Rod’s Pita before Rod could get it out of his hand, but only a tiny bit.

1-29-09 – day 2 of dairy free, continued supplements

- Still kind of cranky and tantrum-ed right before bed because he wanted his Thomas the train and his toy horse in the tub. HOWEVER – he clearly asked for both HORSEY and THOMAS, so that’s something.

- At dinner time, we noticed his tummy wasn’t as distended as it has been. It was so swollen that Dr Kucera was distinctly concerned about it. We think its between 25 and 30 percent less swollen. (truthfully, we thought the Buddha belly look was the beginning of a growth spurt, but he’s had the swollen tummy for around 6 months, which is a bit long for a growth spurt)

We saw Dr Maynard today, to discuss the results of the IgG testing that Dr Grabert recommended. IT was a weird appointment. None of the IgG numbers would indicate to Dr Maynard that Dominic could benefit from IVIG. I made him give me a copy of the test results and am faxing them to Dr Kucera tomorrow. We did not mention to Dr Maynard that we're seeing Dr Kucera, and expect that we likely will not. We'll see. Maynard asked if we wanted any vaccines today and we declined. He was kind of snotty about it, but oh well.

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