Monday, February 2, 2009

Therapeutic Listening

The Occupational therapist is getting ready to start working with Dominic using this

We have to buy the special headset for home, but will be able to borrow the CD’s from the therapists. I’ve seen mostly good things from people doing this program, so we’re hoping it will be well worth the investment for the special headphones.

Nothing earth shattering to report on the last few days – B12 shot went fine on Saturday. He hasn’t had any more tantrums like he did the first couple of days on dairy free, and his gassiness appears to be lessening. Which is a good sign. We discovered he LOVES these pretzels
So I bought us 2 cases in an Amazon sale.

We’ll go fully gluten free the end of this week. We have one more set of bloodwork to do (to test for half a dozen or so virus’s), which we will try to get done tomorrow morning.

I did get the formal case notes from the neurologist visit, finally, and have faxed them to the school coordinator, the school nurse, and Dr Kucera. Here’re his exact words:

“Acquired Aphasia. His presentation is similar to that seen in Landau-Kleffner syndrome, however with a normal EEG and no history of motor seizures this rules out LKS. Some years ago, we used to call this Landau-Kleffner variant, but it si more aptly described as an acquired aphasia. I think that the workup has been complete, except for possible immunological markers. If he ahs any immunological deficit, one could make a case for treating with IVIG. There are some anecdotal reports that this has resulted in some reversal of speech regression.”

Now, we did get the immunological tests back, and they didn’t show a deficit… in fact some of them were high, which shows he was fighting something when he got the bloodwork. We actually don’t remember him being or acting sick that day, so that’s an interesting twist.

Dr Grabert, the neurologist does specifically list ABA therapy on the notes as a treatment for this, so my next step is to speak to the insurance company. Should be fun.

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