Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Misc. update

Lets see

- did the last round of blood work this morning and sent it off - this one was to check for a handful of the more common virus's.

- We've specifically noticed that his gassiness, while not subsiding, is no longer of the 'paint peeling' variety. I emailed our nutritionist from Dr Kucera's office and she said that is likely a combination of the dairy free with the MCT liquid (its antifungal) and the digestive enzymes - that he's just letting go of some of the ickier things in his gut. Will be interesting to see what gluten free brings.

- I've been talking to the school district about additional in classroom services and supplemental stuff for the summer. I've faxed them piles of documentation and today they came and observed him in the classroom. I had an email this afternoon about scheduling a new IEP. So we'll probably get that on the calendar for March

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Sam said...

I'm reading your whole blog, and noticed a few things. You might have already figured this out (because I haven't gotten up to present day yet) but I'll put my two cents in anyway. I hope you don't mind. The contact reaction to soy sauce in the restaurant struck me because soy sauce is not gluten free. Also, your son's gas smelling not as bad? I am gluten intolerant and when I eat something that I am not supposed to my gas smells horrible. Sorry if that is TMI, just trying to help you get answers!