Friday, February 6, 2009

More Misc. Stuff

Good news, we got Speech Therapy changed to 60 visits per year, with the diagnosis of aphasia, where it was limited to $2500 before. So thats positive.

We have a new IEP meeting on March 6. My goal for this is to get Dominic some in classroom OT, get something for the summer so we don't lose momentum, get additional ST in classroom, and get D11 involved in ABA therapy or the educational equivalent. We'll see what happens - never hurts to ask.

The headphones for Therapeutic listening should arrive Monday. Next week we'll start borrowing CD's from the occupational therapist.

I've sent a request for predetermination letter to our insurance to see if we can get them to pay for ABA therapy as part of the home health care benefit. Actually, i sent it to the company's Vendor Manager for United Health Care, and she sent it to her escalation point of contact at UHC who will babysit it through the system. Again, never hurts to ask.

Dominic seems to be going to sleep with less delaying this week - I haven't had to threaten to take away his toys all week long, and he's gone right to sleep when put to bed around 7. No other notable changes in behavior, or speech.

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