Friday, February 6, 2009

More tidbits...

the OT started Dominic's Therapeutic listening regime this morning - apparently he tolerated the headphones for 10 minutes.

He had a very good day at school. He drew a circle in his journal, which is HUGE, to this point he's only done scribbles and horizontal lines voluntarily, vertical lines with coaching. his teacher said that he said "I done" 3 times after finishing activities. And that he painted 3 pictures and did some puzzles.

We got a lab report back on one of the major tests we had done... this is the only one that we'll get a copy of - the rest go only to the doc.

Of note:
he showed extremely high casomorphin peptides in his urine - thats milk related. It says in the analysis that "If either of the peptide results is abnormal, a gluten free and casein free diet should be considered for the person testing"

Then they tested a WHOLE bunch of organic acids that neither Rod or I could really decipher, BUT, they included a handy interpretation page that said these -
Elevated yeast/fungal metabolites (may need an antifungal med/herb)
Elevated succinic acid (may need riboflavin)
increased aconitic acid (may need glutathione)
Elevated HVA and/or VMA (may need GABA an Vit C)
Elevated uracil but normal thymine (may need folic acid)
low ascorbic acid (may need vit C)
elevated kynurenic acid (may need B6)

I'm going to go ahead and add vitamin C to his routine, but everything else, we're going to wait for our Doc appt in March to decide.


meanderwithme said...

Casomorphin. Fascinating.

(Sorry I forgot to call back until too late!)

Anyway, from the book I mentioned, the doctor described how, in patients with intolerances toward casein and gluten, the gut actually produces a morphine-type compound, thus bringing on "brain fog." For many of those, symptoms would worsen a certain amount of time (varied from person to person depending on speed of digestion) post-meals, because the new eating would trigger a re-release of the opiates. IOW, sounds like D's body has been drugging him?

Crazy. Will be interested to chat tomorrow. What's your schedule, by the way? Any chance you want to take the kids somewhere so they can run around together, either indoors or out?

Kate said...

Hey - wanted to pop by & mention Tofutti's Better than cream cheese & better than sour cream as 2 great GFCF products I used to use a lot when I wasn't eating dairy. Sound like you have a bit of an overload right now info-wise...but it sound's like Dominic's OT is going well!