Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy 4th birthday, Dominic

I managed to make Gluten Free, Casein free, Soy free, organic chocolate cupcakes, with frosting for his birthday, and they don’t taste awful.

Updates –

Allison made a couple of comments worth noting when she came to visit over the weekend. The one applying to Dominic is he seems much less ‘off in his own world’ right now – that he’s much more connected than he was the last time she saw him (which was around Thanksgiving, I believe). That goes along with the high casomorphin levels we found plus cutting dairy – he was basically high on an opiod and by cutting dairy, we’re cutting that fogginess. The funny comment of the day was that apparently Dominic’s lucky I’m such a “pushy broad”. I think I need a t-shirt that says “Pushy Broad” on it to wear to all future doctor and school appointments.

The Therapeutic listening headphones have arrived. We will borrow a CD from the OT on Friday and start playing it for him 2x a day.

Gluten free bread is so far not pleasant tasting. I need to find some that doesn’t have the consistence of a brick and flavor of… sawdust. Or we need a proven recipe that we can make.

Dr Kucera’s office called since I had asked to be put on the list for an earlier appointment if there were cancellations. Our follow-up appointment to discuss all the testing is now Feb 26. Almost all the results are in. There is only one test that hasn’t hit our credit card yet, and I’ve emailed the lab to try to find out when it will. I would call them, except I have laryngitis, maybe tomorrow if they haven’t emailed back.

Yesterday Dominic’s teacher reported a few more words than he’s usually been using for her. We’re not seeing that many more clear words at home, but we are seeing a definite effort on his part to TRY to talk, but its coming out all garbled. His attention is improving too, I took him with me to Walmart last night and let him pick out a toy for his birthday… which I then hid from him until I could wrap it for him to open this morning. And he was MAD that he couldn’t find it when we got home (he even dumped out my shopping bags looking for it)

We’ve learned that the boxed Rice macaroni with UNcheese sauce that cost me $5 a serving, doesn’t taste good. I couldn’t get him to eat it. I’m actually sort of relieved, even tho I was hoping to find a quick substitute for his favorite macaroni and cheese.


Kate said...

This recipe is pretty good:

You'd have to either sub rice noodles or use veggies instead (I think zucchini sliced into long strips makes a decent pasta sub) but the sauce is decent...better than any of the packaged cheese subsitutes I tried when I was casein-free.

Rachael said...

Happy birthday Dominic!!

Good luck finding a bread substitute. Are rice cakes ok?

Take care,

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Dominic! I just posted on the Feb board that no one goes to anymore recently thinking of all these birthdays.

Have you tried looking for recipes with coconut flour? I have a friend who is celiac and she loves coconut flour for baked stuff. As far as milk substitutes, my favorite is hemp milk. It's expensive, but I don't mind the flavor. I've never baked with it, but drinking the chocolate flavor is fantastic.

Take care,


Sam said...

I don't know where you are in your diet stuff, but the best bread I have found is You have to toast it but it is VERY good and I have tried a lot of gf breads.