Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updates, more little changes

First of all I have found the Grail - Gluten Free, Casien Free, Soy free boxed macaroni and cheese that Dominic likes. The flavor he likes so far is the Alfredo. I have my hands on the cheddar one to try too. They're a bit more than the Annies that we loved (these're $2 a box), but i got 3 meals out of one box and he LIKED it.

Some random updates we've noticed the past few days - Dominic has MORE energy. He's back to RUNNING between everything. He's spending much more time outside with the dog than he has been. He's only watching 30-45minutes of a movie before losing interest. He's starting to play with his toys in his room independently again (this is HUGE). He's pooping a lot more frequently, and he's not constipated anymore. He's using a few more words independently, still very mushy and hard to understand, but he's TRYING.


Dennis said...

Good news all. VERY good. You know that sells gluten-free stuff in bulk, right?

Joy said...

oh yeah. I just ordered 10lbs of Quinoa pasta. lol. and i found a yummy gf pretzel that i bought 2 cases of.