Friday, February 20, 2009

We’re holding steady it seems.

We’re still seeing some improvements, small, and slow. Dominic is TRYING to use more words, but they’re extremely mushy.

He’s doing fine on the GFCF diet. We’ve discovered a fantastic breakfast that he LOVES, is 2 scrambled eggs (no milk added, I just whisk with some salt and pepper) mixed with about 3/4C peas or broccoli florets (I thaw the frozen kind in the microwave for a few seconds) and a half an avocado – all mashed together. He’ll just about lick the bowl. We’ve had moderate success with GFCF pasta – I found a quinoa/corn pasta that he really liked, and he likes rice pasta as well. I have found some GFCF breads in our local GF bakery that he likes toasted and spread with coconut oil (in lieu of butter). Our biggest challenge is getting a good amount of protein into him at every meal. He’s not the biggest fan on the GFCF chicken nuggets I made for him, but he’ll eat some with a good amount of ketchup.

He’s talking a bit more at school, tho we did just get back his 3rd quarter report from the school speech therapist that gave him a “not yet proficient” on all of his goals. Its going to be interesting to see what the end result of the new IEP meeting we’ve requested is.

Behavior wise, we’re seeing a HUGE amount of energy out him. He’s RUNNING everywhere, and seems to have an unstoppable amount of energy. His teacher is also noticing this. This is how he was before we started the whole regression – very high energy. No idea if this will be a long term change, or not, but we’re starting to have to think about how to wear him out every day.

As of this morning, we have now the CD to start Therapeutic listening with him, and that will be 30minutes 2x a day. Its going to be very interesting to see how he does on it.

I’ve been researching like a crazy woman (I know, shocking), and have joined several parents groups for people who are doing the DAN protocol. It’s very interesting to me to see what other people do and the responses they get. As a result of all this research, I believe that at our next Doc appointment after we see all the test results (if the tests say what we’re thinking they’ll say), we will probably start an Antifungal regimen, and an antiviral regimen. Everything I’ve read says that to do chelation, you have to heal the yeast issues first, so while I think they’ll want to do chelation, I expect that will take a back seat to the antifungal routine. I could be wrong, we’ll see.

I have a query out to my health insurance to find out if they’ll cover the ABA therapy we want to do. It’s a very long shot. I’m expecting to be told No, but I can’t not ask. We do finally have an appointment with the only ABA practictioner in Colorado Springs on our insurance (he’s a child psychologist, which is probably why he’s even covered by our insurance) for March 10. The biggest two questions I have for him are – would ABA be useful for Dominic as our primary goal is speech redevelopment, and How long of a trial period of ABA therapy do you need to do in order to know if its going to work or not. Answers to those 2 questions would determine if we would ask to do ABA therapy and pay out of pocket.

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