Sunday, February 22, 2009

Misc. updates...

More little good things...

LAst night we had a babysitter - we went to a party and while Dominic was welcome, there wouldn't have been much he could eat (actually, there was nothing there on his diet) and that wouldn't have been fair to him. So we got Julie to babysit - she coincidentally had watched him the night before we started the Dairy free a few weeks ago. She told us when we got back that she can totally see a difference in his focus/attention, in his speech (he didn't say a single word the first time, and he tried to talk quite a bit last night apparently). So, like with Allison's comments a while ago, its nice to have independent confirmation of what we think we see.

Today,Dominic dragged upstairs his sit-n-spin, that he got 2 christmas's ago. The one that he's NEVER used.... sat down on it, and spun himself around a few times. (then he carried it off). He's much more interested in toys than he has been in AGES. And not just his Thomas and his CArs that obsesses about/

We've done the therapeutic listening now 3 days in a row. Whats working best is to put it on him while he's contained at the table, and hand him some crayons and paper.

He can certainly wear it and play, but he is a bit too rough for that and right now thats not working so well.

I've been researching the whole non toxic cleaning thing, and one of the ladies at last nights party owns a holistic house cleaning biz. i picked her brain for a bit, and have some things i'll be googling. in a nutshell, we can apparently keep the whole house clean with vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and borax, and castille soap. Implementing this will be interesting.

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