Monday, March 9, 2009

Supplemental services and SWIMMING,. oh my

this afternoon we met with the coordinator for the supplemental program, which is exciting. They are trained in floortime and RDI as well as some ABA and some verbal integration stuff - so a real assortment of the current treatments for Autism. What will happen is Dominic will be assiged a REA (and i didn't get what that stood for) who will come to our house 3x a week for an hour each (we're going to probably do Tues, Wed, and Thurs at 10:15am) to work intensely with him one on one. Then on Friday mornings, he'll go from 8:30-10:45 to the special classroom where he will work with his REA and several others. Then the supervisors of the program are also around on Fridays and come sporatically to home visits. We are glad to be starting this soon - the home visits may start as early as Thursday this week, or no later than Tuesday next week. ANd then the Friday thing will start right after spring break, so April 3.


So on Saturday at lunch time, I took Dominic swimming at Villa Sport. This is one of the things we're doing to try to help him increase his core strength, plus he loves the water. While we were there, i worked with him one on one for 20ish minutes, and then put the floatie on him and let him frolic. I observed a woman clearly teaching another little boy about Dominic;s age to swim, and when she finished, I initiated a conversation withn her. Turns out she has been teaching kids to swim for years, and has worked with special needs kids many times. She went over and worked with Dominic for a few minutes, and he did so well we made arrangements to meet this evening. In a 30 minute lesson, for which she would only allow me to tip her since it was unofficial, he was doing SO well. Very impressed with it. We're going to meet her again on Wednesday and keep this going. I'm hopeful that he'll be able to swim on his own by summer.

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Christi said...

that is wonderful.. Ryan is a fish as well.. He loves the water..