Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phone call and paperwork Tuesday.

Today I called

- My HR rep who deals with our insurance company. I’ve asked her to go back to the insurance and specifically find out if they would cover ABA therapy with an Aphasia diagnosis. She has agreed to do this without using our name as she’s got other employees who are trying to get ABA covered as well. Its worth a shot.

- The Neurologists office to specifically ask for a letter from him saying that the aphasia diagnosis is due to a viral brain injury NOT a developmental delay

- The DAN’s office to get diagnostic codes for all the out of pocket tests we had done, which I’m going to submit to the insurance in an effort to get some money back on them.

- Alpine, to get the billing and diagnostic codes that they use when they bill Tricare or Medicaid for their services. (For the HR rep to go back to the insurance with)

I then Filled out:

- The application to The Resource Exchange, to attempt to get more funding.
- The insurance claim form to submit all these bills for hopeful repayment.

We also found out that the supplemental services Dominic is going to get will start this Thursday with a 1 hour appt, and then will be 4 days a week plus the Friday. We’ll do 4 days next week, then a week off for spring break, then the 4 days plus Friday class.

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