Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick updates because I've fallen behind

- We saw Dr Hatfield on Tues. He can't do ABA for Dominic because insurance won't pay for it. There's a law in the works in the state of CO to mandate insurance coverage, however my lovely HR rep has advised me that It would not apply to our policy because our policy is self funded by VzB and doesn't have to follow state mandates (so i need to raise a ruckus in our HR dept apparently). Dr Hatfield was much more pleasant than I had anticipated. We will see him again ... in May I believe.

- We made the very difficult decision to go ahead and move Dominic to a different preschool after spring break (so his first day there will be March 30). The biggest reason we made this choice was Allison's comment that if we did not take what the district said was their best placement for quickest implementation of the tools they gave him in the IEP, that should we go back to them and complain it wasn't working, they could say that we didn't give it a fair shot. Dominic's current teacher is on board with this, I talked with her this afternoon.

- Supplement services start tomorrow morning with Dominic's assigned one on one REA person coming over to our house. That should be interesting. Then next week, she'll be over 4 days, thena week off for spring break, then she's over 4 days AND he goes to the Friday autism classroom.

- We met Miss Karen again for more swimming this afternoon and he did SO good. When I picked him up from school, I told him we were going Swimming, and he got so excited he kept pulling me to try to get me to take him home. And saying SWIMMY. (his teacher was QUITE impressed that he said swimmy). I asked him if he wanted to go swimming or home and rest,and he answered SWIMMY. Then we had about an hour before we had to leave, and he would not take his coat off at home. he wanted to go RIGHT that second. The first part of the lesson, it looked like it was going to be battle, but about 10 minutes into it, he actually RELAXED and floated beautifully on his back. Up to today the longest we'd gotten him on his back was 5 seconds. Today, it clicked in his head, and he let us float him all the way across the pool. seriously, we had a finger under him holding him up - really jsut so he knew it was there. He is becoming very proficient in rolling from his tummy to his back, and we've about got him conditioned to immediately roll onto his back upon entering water. The whole goal with that is safety. So I'm off work Friday for Rod to do a certification, and i'll be taking him back in the morning before school.

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