Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weighted Vest - FAIL

So, one of the tools in the IEP that was suggested the teachers try was to have Dominic wear a weighted vest while playing outside and eventually move to using it inside, too.

So i pick him up today and his teacher said to me... Wow, i've never heard him scream like that. We put the vest on him and he got so mad, he SCREAMED and SCREAMED and actually said "take it".

Yeah. He's got my stubborn streak.


Christi said...

It may have been to much weight.. You could also try a compression vest. Ryan loves tightness.. So the tight vest works really well.

Joy said...

They did 4lbs in it, which to me seemed heavy, but the PT said that was right since he's ~42lbs.

Christi said...

Our OT just had him wear the vest to get used to it for a little while then added the weights.. but some vests you can't do that with..