Sunday, March 1, 2009

Supplements are wicked expensive. A money post.

They all run out in different amounts of time, too.

That said, the supplements that Dominic now takes on a regular basis average out to a cost of $230 per month.

And we probably will still get one or two more after the last 2 tests come in. I'm expecting an antiviral to be part of the package. We'll see....

And March is the month of trying to find a place to do behavioral therapy (ABA or SCERTS or CARD - checking all three of them) and figuring out how much, if any at all, we will be able to afford. Right now, we're sort of hoping to be able to do at least some of the behavioral stuff this summer. it is certainly not something we could afford long term in any situation. I have the paperwork for application to the Resource Center, which is the first step in applying for the Medicaid CES waiver. Even if we qualified for that, its doubtful we would see funding for several years from what i understand. Also from what I understand, its tremendously urgent to begin whatever therapy we end up with as soon as possible. So, hello rock, how are you hard place.

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