Monday, March 2, 2009

There are up days and down days. Today was a down day.

You just don’t realize how different your kid is until you try to have him do something new, very fun, but that is integrated with other kids.

Today we tried a preschool tumbling / trampoline class at Art Sports. It was rough. It was 15min of playful warm up exercises, for which he did none, and spent the time running away or being corralled on my lap,. The second 15 minutes was an assisted tumbling run. I had to help him do EVERY single move. Either he was being extremely uncooperative, or he’s lost a ton of muscle tone – he was downright floppy. Then there was 15 minutes on the trampoline – which consisted of me physically keeping him from disrupting other kids, and staying on his trampoline. Then another 15 minutes on another tumbling run. I wore my heart moniter, and burned 480 calories in an hour. For reference, that’s right around what I burned in 45 minutes of running on the elliptical trainer yesterday. The “coach” for the class encouraged us to try a different trainer since it was so rough on me to basically lift him thru all the moves, and on him to be so corralled when all he really wanted to do was run and jump.

I’m tired.

I *know* that this is a result of a viral brain injury from a year ago, but getting the doc’s to nail down what virus and how to treat the resulting damage is proving to be problematic.

Knowing that the therapy that will help him the most is financially out of reach doesn’t sit to well with me either. At best we could get him 6-8 weeks of something he needs YEARS of. Or I could borrow from my 401K, but then I’d have to pay it back out of a paycheck withdrawal, but my paycheck is almost 100% budgeted for, so that’s out… Its just really frustrating.


Dennis said...

Wow, big time bummer.

Kate said...

:( No suggestions - just hugs.