Friday, April 10, 2009

Independent much? Updates from yesterday

Dominic's got a bit of a stubborn streak. (can't imagine where he would've gotten that)

His OT was telling me last night about his favorite thing to do with her - they have a flexible tube he crawls in, and then she drags him in the tube down the hall. he LOVES that kind of sensory pressure and input. She makes him verbally say "Drag, Please" before she'll do it, tho. Yesterday he spent at least 5 minutes trying to figure out how to drag himself down the hall - he got in the tube, and attempted to roll... only succeeding in rolling himself right out of the tube. She did eventually get him to verbally ask, but its funny that he tried so hard to do it himself first.

couple of updates from school - dominic loves toys that vibrate, the fish tank that vibrates, the vibrating pen the teacher has, etc. So i've just bought him a couple of vibrating stuffed animals from ebay. He also has good problem solving skills per his teacher - it was time to put away the tricycle, which apparently he loves (we're looking for either a trike or bike for home...) and first he tried to carry it, but it was too heavy, so he pushed it, but kept having the back wheel hit his leg, so independently he came around to the front and pulled.

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