Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update from our meeting this morning.

This morning was a bit of a zoo. I took the day off work in anticipation. Dominic's regular school REA came over for their regular daily one on one work. Then we got her supervisor, his preschool teacher, the early childhood special ed facilitator and the school districts Autism consultant who comes down from Boulder.

Dominic and his REA stayed upstairs. The rest of us went downstairs.

The original purpose of the get together was because we wanted to hear feedback from and ask questions of the autism consultant. It morphed a little bit into also getting progress reports with data collection sheets to back them up, from his teacher and the REA's supervisor.

It was a very good meeting. Got very good feedback on how he's doing, some specific examples of good things (eg, from his preschool teacher, she said she'd NEVER seen a kid with an autism diagnosis do this (and she's worked with at least 2 autistic kids per year for many years) - he will go do something he know's he's not supposed to, and sneak a look over his shoulder at her to see if she's paying attention). He's apparently using the visual schedule very well both in the classroom and in the special Friday classroom.

They wanted to know what else they could do to support us. I put it back to them and asked what we weren't doing... consensus seemed to be we have all the appropriate irons in the fire. Our biggie from them is socialization for him. And the autism consultant is going to send us some specific materials to help us work on that this summer.

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