Wednesday, April 15, 2009

appt update

Today we went to see Dr Kucera to review the last of the pile of bloodwork we had done back in late January. Some interesting results, most of them we were already treating for either because they're common results, or one of the other tests found them too.

Of note:
Extremely low Folic acid (already treating)
Extremely low B12 (already treating)
Low B3 (already treating)
Low Magnesium (already treating)
Extremely low Zinc (added a zinc supplement today)
Extremely low Essential Fatty Acids (already treating)
Extremely low protien absorbtion/digestion (already treating)

It was a good appointment. I went over my crazy theory from a few weeks back - and he said it actually makes sense and is not that crazy as an overall concept - that the extra immunities from breastfeeding were helping him keep a virus (btw, he is now testing for lyme, which would fit the profile as well - he thinks the rash on Dominics arm looks like the lyme bullseye - and there is apparently a HUGE lyme-autism link)

We tweaked a few supplements around, added the aforementioned Zinc, Homocysteine Supreme, and this new one I specifically asked about, Enhansa - I've been hearing a lot of buzz about it on the various autism message boards. So we have a month's worth as a sample and if it works well for us, we'll actually buy it. So far the only downside we've heard is that there're signficant viral and yeast die offs during the start and every time you up the dosage. Good in the fact that they're dying, bad in the fact that the die off causes some intestinal and behavioral issues. We'll take the advice of the internet and start low and slow.

Again, this test came back showing absolutely no mercury in his system, which is just weirding the doc out. So the beginning of June we'll do another DMSA provoked urine test to see what kind of mineral levels we see. That'll be interesting.

We will go back and see him again to followup that urine test on June 25.

Oh, and we've learned our lesson. THe wonderful thing about this doctor is that he spends all the time necessary with each patient. That means appointments NEVER start on time. Last time we waiting almost an hour before he came in the little room. He then spent a good amount of time with us, but this time, we brought along a movie and my laptop for Dominic. MUCH easier on Dominic. and us.

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