Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Falling behind again in posts... some updates

I haven't posted much because really things have been kind of holding steady...

- Today is Dominic's last day of school. I really don't think he has any concept of this at all. So no afternoon stuff until June 1 when Alpine starts. We have today and tomorrow with our regular D11 therapist, and we MIGHT have the summer person starting next week, we don't know yet - her contract isn't signed yet, so she can't discuss schedule. ITs supposed to be signed this week.

- Everything's all sorted out to do Alpine. We are going to be paying up front for it, and then AFTER each billing month, Alpine will send a bill to our insurance and if they pay anything - which the policy says they won't, but we might be able to slip it in under the radar, we'll see - then they'll reimburse us. I'm not holding my breath. All we have to hope for is that nothing breaks this summer because we are quite literally emptying the savings for this.

- I read a really interesting article over at AgeofAutism - no real science behind it, but FASCINATING. Dominic doesn't seem to have high metal excretion, much to Dr K's consternation, but one thing thats not uncommon on the parent boards I'm on is for the metals to show up after you start treating for yeast and virus's. Which goes along with this guys theory. Anyway, the 31st we're doing another provoked urine challenge to see if there're more metals, and we'll get the results the end of June.

- Dominic had his second dentist appt the other day. Last Fall the dentist said he saw staining, but no cavities. This time, I had concerns about Dominic's back molars, and the Dentist confirmed a cavity. Because Dominic literally has to be held down (by me - fun) and completely flips out when the dentist (well, anyone) looks in his mouth, to fill it would require general anesthesia. (a basic cleaning would require that too, which is why we haven't done one yet). We're taking the watch it for 6 months approach and if it doesn't get worse, then we'll just keep watching it. I really like this dentist. He's the most highly recommended pediatric dentist in Colorado Springs, and for a reason. Anyway, I touched base with our nutritionist, and we're really going to back off of sugar (to the point of minimal fruit and juice and pretty much no sugary treats which will make him sad), work hard on rinsing his mouth with water after he eats, and we're going to try xylitol candy which actually the Dentist recommended for his reinforcer this summer at Alpine isntead of gfcf chocolate chips. I sure hope he likes it... I ordered some and it should arrive soon.

- Enhansa is still showing signs of doing things. Dominic's now up to 1.5 caps a day. We'll get him up to 2 this weekend. He is really detoxing something, tho what I don't know - because he's SWEATING a storm at night - just his head, and by a storm, i mean his pillow is DRENCHED when we come wake him up at 10 to go to the bathroom. There are some people online doing 1200mg a day, we'll be at 300mg the end of this month, and thats where I think we'll stay until at least the end of June. The stuff is expensive.... a bottle of 75 150mg caps - so about 5 weeks worth of 300mg a day - is $52 before shipping. BUT - with these kinds of results, its definately worth doing for several months.

- Verbally, things are pretty much the same. He's TRYING to use multiple words together, but its coming out very garbled. He is getting MAD when we don't understand things, and it seems like he's doing a lot more of the grunting and pointing too. Which drives us batty. Last night when I got him up to pee at 10, he was almost sleepwalking, and he wandered out to give Rod a goodnight kiss, and actually said "love you" which is phenomenal and blew us both away because he stopped saying that last November when he had the second virus. He's back to saying "night night" as well, and sometimes will echo "dreams" when I tell him to have happy dreams. So its small progress. very small.

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Dennis Whitcomb said...

Good to hear that there are some little steps of improvement.