Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick updates....

Once again, I'm falling behind. ITs because I'm spending as much time as I can outside trying to extricate my strawberries and iris and lilies from the rampant mint, oregano, snow on the mountain and hops in the backyard. 2 smaller beds DONE, the big bed to go in the back yard, and then I'll tackle completely removing the front flower bed, putting in a new border (current one rotted...) and putting back the plants without the weeds (ha, right, i know). Side Story - Dominic likes worms. Every time he'd see one when i turned dirt, he grabbed in and HELD it. He must've had 10 worms by the time we came in. He was sad to let them go, too.

Anyway, this morning Dominic's REA's supervisor made the observation that Dominic seemed to be much more able to come back to center quickly and on his own instead of going off on a hyper spell (he loves playing w/his REA and some of the things make him laugh, and then he gets all wound up). Today they were working on Numbers... the REA blew up a balloon - 5 breaths worth - and counted plus did numbers on her fingers for each one. He repeated the numbers, and did some of them independently. At the end, she waiting for him to say GO and then released the balloon - which flew all over the living room and amused him endlessly.

This afternoon his preschool teacher told Rod that Dominic had an amazing day - he sat on the floor with his legs neatly crossed for circle time. To this point, in this classroom he's been in a cube chair for circle time because he cannot concentrate enough to sit on the floor. She wanted to know what we're doing differently... ITs the enhansa plus the actifolate we added back in last week. Everything else has been pretty stable.

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