Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alpine day 2

dominic had another good report from Alpine. He had his clinicals today (where the whole team of folks working with him gets together to work on goals, etc), and they all think he's the cutest thing they've ever seen (ha, we've known that for years).

Anyway, they've decided to focus on 4 core area's for the next week or so - basic stuff:

Attendance: so making sure he's paying attention, that he's not spaced out when spoken to, etc.

Compliance: Following instruction

Eye Contact

Non Verbal communication

With those as a basis, they can then build in instruction, but without those he's not going to be able to follow instruction.

I asked what we could do at home to help with the attending and compliance, because sometimes we have to repeat ourselves 4-5 times to get him to respond to a simple instruction, and what she told us was to make sure we had his attention, even by making him look at us, then give a simple instruction once, and immediately move into prompting him - hand over hand if necessary, instead of repeating the instruction.

Rod and I are both blown away because in the FULL YEAR we've been doing therapy of one kind and another, and getting more and more frustrated at home, this is the first time someone has given us such a clear direction of something that logically makes sense that it'll help.

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