Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 1 of Alpine and ESY - and we're rolling

This is going to be a very tightly structured summer for Dominic, and we're really hoping that its what Dominic needs...

Here's how yesterday went:

9:30 - our ESY therapist came over and worked with Dominic for 90minutes. She'd been warned by the school folks that his attention span was only 45 minutes, but Dominic did great and stayed very well focused for her for the majority of the 90minutes. We worked out the schedule for each week (m-w-f she's over at 9:30, tues/thurs its 8), and are very pleased with her. Dominic enjoyed himself greatly, and did good talking for her.

11am - ESY teacher left, and I settled Dominic down for lunch, Rod went to work.

11:50 - I head over to Alpine to drop Dominic off. Left a little early to figure out how long exactly it will take in lunch time traffic, plus I still had to pay them, and drop off his snacks and clothes and such.

12:20 - We got to Alpine - hit all the red lights and got stuck behind a slowpoke, so 30min is definately plenty of time.

After taking care of all the details, and showing Dominic the bathroom, his cubby, meeting a few people, etc, I left him there and went to work.

I picked him up at 3:30, and apparently he did pretty good for the first day. Had excellent peer interaction (i guess he played chase with another little boy, and that little boy fell down, and dominic helped him get up - good stuff). They noticed that Dominic does label items, but has almost no comprehension when asked specific questions - like "give me the cup" (which is one of the things making us CRAZY at home -we have to ask questions OVER and OVER for a response, and sometimes he gets it right away, but many times he doesn't. Its so frustrating.) most of this first week at Alpine is them evaluating where he is right now and developing their plan for the summer.

We got home, played for a little bit, and since Dominic was so high energy and it was raining outside, we went ot the gym and he ran around in the kids play area while Rod and I worked out.

Came home, fed him, washed him and put him to bed around 7:30 - he didn't go to sleep for about an hour which i thought was odd, but am hoping he gets back to his sleep schedule soon. Woke him up at 6:30 this morning as his therapist arrives at 8 and we needed him up, fed, dressed, etc.

And today, we repeat.

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