Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few updates

2 more good days of Alpine reports. He's doing great. I had a conversation with his therapist today when I picked him up and they're thrilled with his progress. She said he mastered standing up today. I was like... wha? and then she clarified that tey're working on compliance, so they are asking him to stand up. And today he did it 100% of the times he was asked, where when he started a week and a half ago, it was 0%. Next they'll do sitting. Then they'll integrate. They are working on getting control so that he will be able to do the next kinds of things - colors are on the list for this summer, as are numbers and letters (my request). Will be very interesting to see where we're at in a month.

I am making a habit of working on his vocabulary on the drives home - if I can hold his focus, he'll repeat a lot - we did Horse, Bike, House, Car, Truck, balloon, Water and Foot, as well as GO and STOP, over and over on the way home as we either saw each item, or its picture on a sign, or did the action. And he stayed with it until we were almost home, so way longer that before. Makes me tired. I think these people have the patience of saints.

On an unrelated note, I'm so happy he's a good eater. I've been part of a discussion on one of my boards lately and it seems like a bunch of these kids are not only bad eaters, but absolutely refuse whats put in front of them. My advice to the parents - take everything else away, and only offer what is on their diet. and no snacks at all if they dont' eat their presented meals. If you havee to, grind it all down in the food processor with some water and spoon feed the resulting paste to them them in small enough spoonfuls that they can't spit it out. I promise, the kids won't starve. eventually you will win.

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