Thursday, June 11, 2009

plugging along, doing very well

Dominic had another great report today from Alpine, he's doing very well.

Today, he also had speech and occupational therapy at the place he's been going to for quite a while. This was the second eval week for speech, adn as they were going back his ST told me that he would probably score in the 1year 3 month to 1 year 6 month age for speech. When they came back out she said he'd done noticably better than she'd ever seen him do, and that the difference between last week and this week was potentially enough to move that age up to 2. She was blown away by the progress being made with ABA.

His OT was out today and he had a sub, so didn't get to talk comparisons with her. Next week should be very interesting with the OT.

one more day of therapies this week and then the weekend. I need a clone.

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