Monday, July 13, 2009

first chelation dose is today.

And its been a really frustrating week. He's started acting out by peeing and pooping everywhere but the toilet - not accidents, because he's taking off his pants to do it. The therapist says that this is a control/defiance behavior - we've got such tight control over his therapy, and so much is being asked of him that he is consciously or unconsciously acting out in one of the few ways left to him by peeing or pooping outside or on the carpets inside. Which means that we have to take control back over that, and put him back on a potty training type schedule where we MAKE him go every hour or so.

I'm tired.


Kate said...

*lots of hugs* Hears hoping that this one step backwards means that it's almost time for two steps forward.

Peanut Driscoll said...

I concur about the two steps forward. Dominic's journey hasn't always been linear, so I will cross my fingers that this is a sign of significant improvements to come.

Hugs to you!