Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rollercoaster, some up some down

One of the things we were warned would happen when we chelated was that Dominic's bad behaviors would flare up. They are. He's definately less focus'ed with his am therapist and at Alpine. He's doing more spit play which is gross, he's doing some hand flapping and toe walking (which we think is also partially a result of peer imitiation since he's never really done that before). They're worst from about 7-30 hours after the chelation dose. Since we're doing the dose roughly every 48 hrs, that doesn't leave a lot of time that he's not having behaviors. We'll see how he does this weekend when we go 72hrs between. Fortunately its only for a month that we're doing this.

On the bright side, his ESY therapist today commented that in the 8 years she's done aba therapy w/autistic kids, she's never had one that played appropriately with toys like Dominic does. Yes, he carries and lines up, but he also drives his trucks, he puts cars inside the semi, etc etc. So he plays appropriately. Right now he and his semi truck are having a fantastic time inside a large cardboard box. So we have imaginative play, too.

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