Monday, July 6, 2009

i think he needs a fish tank....

So, while we were shopping yesterday, at Safeway, Dominic got all excited over the soft soap handsoap dispenser that has a fish looking thing in it. I can't find a picture online, but its just a handsoap thing with an aquarium effect. He carried that around all day yesterday.

FAst forward to this mornings therapy at home. One of the things he was doing was 3d to 2d matching - there's a picture that he has to place 3d figures on in the right spots. One of the pictures was ocean life... with a crab, lobster, fish, etc. He took the little fish, and tried to put it in the soap dispenser so that the fish inside the soap dispenser would have a friend.

Kiddo likes animals.

However we have a menagerie and i'm not good with fish, so i think he's going to have to skip the whole fish tank thing.

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