Thursday, August 6, 2009

July clincial service monthly review report....

We got the July charts and graphs report from Alpine yesterday and here are some tidbits:

- New programs added: Letters and Shapes
- New items mastered: color matching program, 2 seconds eye contact without reinforcer, some functional pretend play w/an animal,
- Working on - identifying colors receptively, functional pretend play with other toys

Dominic averaged 18 spontaneous requests per day (mands) in July. This is up from 6 per day in June.

Dominic averaged 6 1/2 spontaneous tacts (a tact is labeling or making a comment on ones environment) per day in July, where as in June he averaged 4.

The behaviors targeted for reduction are all overall down. Dominic did develop a new one in July - spit play - which seems to have roughly correlated to the chelation rounds. Alpine is still working on figuring out if its a true self stimulatory behavior, or if its an attention getting behavior and we'll tweak his behavior plan accordingly.

So overall, the data was very positive for July

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