Saturday, August 8, 2009

a good day.

Couple of things of note today.

- Dominic did great at the pool - at 12pm every day they call a 5 minute rest for everyone to get out of then pool and even tho he'd only been in about 15 minutes at that point, he came to me without arguing and sat in the lounge chair with me. He did good waiting for the 5 minutes to be up - we got thru the alphabet (he can now say all the letters, repeating them after me), number 1-20, the major body parts while we waited.

- We did our major shopping for the month after we left the pool - Walmart, out to lunch, Costco, GNC, and Whole Foods. In that order. And he tolerated it all with minimal stimming (the hour in the pool probably helped alot). At lunch, he actually told us he had to poop, and then when i took him to the bathroom he did. (this is an accomplishment because normally he announces PEE PEE for any bathroom activity). He ate REALLY well.

- When we got home, he actually used a 2 word demand - he brought the Thomas the Train DVD to me and said Thomas... WATCH. which is excellent.

So yes, i know they seem like small things, but they're really good. Also, today, we didn't have a single melt down. And he was pretty good with following instructions.

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