Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So far, okay week...

So far, we're having a decent week. I'm beginning to think perhaps Dominic just does temporary regressions when he's not feeling well. That doesn't make it any less nervewracking.

We've got a busy couple of weeks. This weekend we're cramming in 2hrs each day Saturday and Sunday with our summer ESY therapist so that we use our hours up before she has to turn in her hours on Monday. Then Tuesday thru Friday, Dominic will have mornings off and afternoons at Alpine. Saturday and Sunday of next week we're making a quick trip up to Breckenridge to see some family. Then Monday the 24th he starts in his new morning preschool classroom with Alpine in the afternoon. WE're hopeful that the school district will be able to provide consistency in expectations and behavior management for Dominic.

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