Sunday, September 13, 2009

couple of Interesting things...

So Dominic had an accident during the night. He's 4 1/2 , its been a couple of months since he had one, its not a big deal. It probably had something to do with all the soup he had for dinner. We think that the accident occurred on the way to the toilet, tho, which is good progress - we don't know for certain as when Rod woke up (to the light on in Dominic's room), he was bottomless, his wet pj bottoms were spread out over his toy box, and he'd dug a fresh pair of pj's out of the dresser before getting distracted by his toys. We couldn't find any signs of wet sheets or floor.

* he tried to take care of it ALL BY HIMSELF * this is fantastic.

It would've been more fantastic if he'd gone back to sleep, but he was too overstimulated so has been awake since 4:30.

Then at lunch, we were having salmon cakes (GFCF, and I finally found a recipe that gets fish into him. YAY), mixed vegetables and as a treat white rice. We as a rule do brown or wild rice, but for a treat i'd made some white. Dominic LOVES white rice, so after he finished easily 2C of mixed veggies (including the lima beans), and a salmon cake, I gave him seconds on rice. He ate that, amother salmon cake, and then actually said "More Rice". OKAY. With the thirds, he and rod were goofing around. They were actually playing, it was great. Dominic would scoot his plate towards rod, giggling madly, and Rod would try to take a spoonful, and Dominic would yank the plate back and keep laughing. He eventually got full and actually let Rod have some rice (white rice is a favorite for Rod,too)

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