Thursday, September 10, 2009

oh, right, new post. Sorry, I'm behind

I've been on vacation all week, and haven't done a lot of writing, so here's a few updates

- Dominic's doing great in morning preschool. We had a meeting of all the school peeps on Tuesday, got to meet his new ST (she seems to be a hoot) and his new in classroom REA, as well as see the teacher and various supervisory types. Just to make sure we're all on the same page and get some initial impressions from all of them. The meeting was odd, but whatever. Communication is going to flow just fine, I've set up notebooks for everyone to write in, and they all have the option of reading them.

- We got the August report from Alpine. Its okay. I'd hoped for better numbers, but given what we now know about how sore his tummy was (we did the stool test on Aug 1), I'm just happy to see progress. The sore tummy also explains the behaviors all over the place. Hopefully September numbers will be better.

- We have in hand now, the insurance reimbursement for 70% of the June invoice. So, one month down, many more to go. I had expected confirmation this week on July, but its not here, so I need to call and pester insurance. I probably won't have time to do that until Monday.

- Dominic is now using the word NO appropriately at Alpine. Bummer for him is that he's being told "nice talking, but you have to do it anyway"

- At OT the other night, He actually said, without any prompts, a 3 word sentance, which is AWESOME. It was: House. Want. Please.

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