Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Notes for appt w/Doc tomorrow

We've about decided that we've got 2 distinct issues w/Dominic. The first is gut. He had major diaper rashes (that turned out to be horrible yeast infections that we battled with him from about 1 until he pottytrained at 2 1/2). He now has irritable bowel disease markers. We think those earlier yeast infections caused leaky gut syndrome, which caused all the weird food sensitivities, AND created a way for virus's to cross his blood brain barrier. The second issue would be the viral brain injury which caused aphasia.

So we want to focus right now on getting the gut inflammatory markers cleared up with using the Aloe juice and Cytoflora. I’d like another stool test kit to take another sample after we finish 6 weeks on the full dosage – that would put testing around the end October. If it comes back showing the same improvement levels that their test subjects did, then we will have him back to normal ranges and will go on a maintenance dose of cytoflora (I’ll call Bioray and find out what that might be). If it doesn’t, then we’ll look at something else until we get his gut clear. (FYI, Bioray will send me a free bottle of any of their products if I send them copies of the before/after testing)

After we get a stool test back showing that his inflammation level is back in normal ranges, we want to work on the brain injury piece and what we can do to help with his language. Piracetam is generating some interesting discussions amidst parents of autistic kiddos with language issues… seeing both better speech and motor skills. There’re some interesting studies from Germany showing improvement in aphasia patients who take it in combination with intense speech therapy. Any thoughts on us adding it after we get a clean stool test? I found it OTC, but would it be better coming thru College Pharm?


We really don’t want to do another round of DMPS chelation. We are open to doing a challenge dose and seeing where his metals and minerals are now, but if we’re going to attempt an actual round of chelation, we want to wait until his gut inflammation level is normal, AND we’d like to use something other than DMPS since it cause such a major reaction in Dominic.


I’m seeing a lot of buzz about mitochondrial issues being the great genetic predisposition – whats your take on genetic testing for Dominic. Which leads into the next question – Whats the process for getting a formal medical exemption to vaccines?


We’re thinking about having Alpine administer a dose of activated charcoal for Dominic during the afternoon. In order to do that They need you to sign a med authorization form. We’re not positive on this, still playing with timing the cytoflora dose and die off and such.

On the Charcoal, it was suggested that we chase it with a dose of Magnesium Citrate to negate the constipation side effect if we use it regularly. Your thoughts?


We are changing insurance companies Jan 1 to Anthem BCBS. I’ve gotten United Heathcare to pay 90% of Doctors Data, and then SOME of Great Plains and SOME of Pharmasan Labs. Almost none of US Biotek, and SOME of Great Smokies. It looks like the Great Smokies and Great Plains tests overlapped, and that’s what caused some of each to be denied. We’d like to get as many “retests” as we can done before the end of this year, as know for sure we’ll have insurance coverage.


Dominic is no longer craving salt. This has been kind of a steady decline and I just really noticed it in the last 2 weeks.

Dominic is also no longer covered in bruises on his shins. I had no idea that this was related until I talked w/Tami at Bioray.

Whats up w/the sudden appearance of darker leg hair on Dominic? Is this developmentally normal?

It seems like when Dominic learns something new, verbally, he forgets something old, or it just doesn’t get used anymore. His vocabulary is definitely increasing, but its having to be pried out of him more – instead of it being spontaneous.


Should we be rotating antifungals? I’m seeing people talk about yeast getting tolerant to GSE and we’ve had to go up to 10 drops 2x a day since the chelation – should we go on a rotation with something else? What about rotating through Pau D’arco or Oregon Grape? What about adding Candex and / or Cell food to make the antifungal more effective?

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