Thursday, September 24, 2009

We have a new Plan, people.

Okay, we had a good appointment with Dr. Kucera. He was just as shocked as we were at the markers for IBD, since they weren't there in Feb.. He agrees with the strategy of focusing on gut.

We also now have a medical exemption to all vaccines. Which was good timing because the school just sent home a nastygram wanted him to go get like 8 shots. Not happening. We could've done a philosophical exemption, but the medical one holds more water.

We're making some tweaks to the supplements - removing several (no more nasty tasting glutathione or primal defense probiotic), reducing several (we're going to try cutting travacor in half, and we're going to try switching to straight turmeric instead of enhansa - WAY cheaper), and changing the remaining probiotic to TherBiotic Complete.

Although he was NOT familiar with the Cytoflora we're doing, he is interested in the results. SO - here's the plan

1. Continue Cytoflora until OCt 30 (thats the 6 week period). We may reduce the dosage at that point, I'll have to ask Bioray what they suggest.

2. a. Do a stool test to see what changes his gut has had (and then we can send the pre and post stool tests to Bioray and get a free bottle....)
b. Do a urine metals challenge test to see where toxic metals and essential minerals are.
c. Do a oxidative stress test (at the same time as a pile of other bloodwork for lab corp in which we're checking a bunch of mineral levels and testosterone and we're doing immunity titers to all the vaccines, just to have on file)

3. Start a trial OSR month after all above tests are done.

4. Have a followup appt w/Dr Kucera 11-19 to discuss results of stool and metals test.

5. Do a followup oxidative stress test at the end of the OSR trial to evaulate its effectiveness, and another toxic metals urine test (the goal of the OSR is to eventually end up being an FDA approved gentle chelator that also increases glutathione, and its showing excellent results in various studies)

6. Consider the following: trial of GI Revive product

7. Consider the Biofilm Protocol. Which if ya'll remember, I asked them about in June.... Dr Kucera did say he thinks we might have inadvertantly skipped ahead to this w/the Cytoflora, but we'll see.

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