Friday, September 18, 2009

We have Yeast Die Off!

When I ordered our cytoflora, I had a long discussion with Tami from Bioray on die off and potential behavior side effects we might see, AND how to handle them. Its taken 2 weeks to get Dominic up to the recommended dosage of 2 droppersful of Cytoflora 2x per day and boy do we have the giggles and high energy. Last night and this morning we started having fluffy poop. Hello Yeast Die off. This is good, because it means that what we're doing is working - we're getting it out.

So. I just ordered some activated charcoal, it'll arrive tomorrow. Tami had suggested using it 45min after the cytoflora dose to pull out the yeast that got stirred up. I'm trying to figure out where to add it to our supplementation schedule so that a. we'll be home to give it to him and b. it won't negatively affect the other supplements we're doing.

I've put an internet plea out a couple of places, so we'll see what comes back. But in the process of doing that, i wrote down our daily schedule of school, therapy, and supplementation. no wonder i'm tired.

6:30am wake up

7am Cytoflora - 2 droppersful in filtered water

7:15am breakfast sup's and breakfast

Kirkman Digestive Enzymes – 1
Klaire Multivit – ½ scoop pwdr
Enhansa – 2 scoops
GABA Powder – 1
MCT Liquid – ½ TB
Zinc Liquid – 10 drops
Pharmax Codliver oil – ½ TB
Copper – 2 Drops
Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract – 10 drops
Aloe Juice – 3TB
*Every 2 days, mB12 shot right after breakfast

7:45am leave for preschool

11am home from preschool. Lunch sup's and lunch
Klaire Labs Pro-5 Probiotic – 1
Milk Thistle – ½ Cap
Primal Defense Probiotic – ½ scoop
Baking soda – ¼ tsp
Kirkman Digestive Enzymes – 1
Essential GSH – 1 tsp
Homocysteine Supreme – 1 capsule
Oil of Oregano – 4 drops

12noon leave for Alpine for ABA therapy

3:30 pm, pick Dominic up, most days, go to the gym for him to be able to play in a safe, inside playground while I work out. Wednesday's, we go home after Alpine, then head to Occupational Therapy at 5:15pm.

5:30pm home, cytoflora 2 droppersful in filtered water (except on Wed when this is 6:15)

6pm Dinner sup's and dinner (except Wed, when its 6:30)
Kirkman Digestive Enzymes – 1
Klaire Multivit – ½ scoop pwdr
Travacor Junior- 1 cap
Actifolate – 1 tablet crushed
Enhansa – 2 scoops
Lithium – ½ capsule
GABA Powder – 1 capsule
MCT Liquid – ½ TB
Pharmax pure codliver oil – 1/2TB
Carlson Vit D3 Drops –1 drop
Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract – 10 drops
Zinc liquid – 10 drops
Aloe Juice – 3TB

7pm Bedtime routine: 3 Sprays of Melatonin, Epsom salt bath, story, bed.

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meanderwithme said...

No wonder you're tired, indeed!

I may have to do a check for cytoflora -- I've slacked on taking my probiotics and I (TMI) feel "itchy" at the back end. Gawd...three more months until I see Dr. K!

Anyway, good to hear that what you're doing is having an effect, even if the interim is a pain in the tuckus.