Friday, October 23, 2009

And we're pretty much over the flu now.

Dominic has been fever free for 24 hours, and is back to normal appetite and energy levels, so we're calling the flu over even tho he's still got the GI stuff and has developed a barky cough (which is fully under control with my homemade cough syrup, at 1tsp like 3x a day thankyouverymuch). We ended up not doing TamiFlu for him, because the side effects were just too harsh to risk it.

Rod and I have both taken the tamiflu, and neither of us has had a horrible go with this. My temp hasn't gone over 101, and i've just got the fatigue and gooey feelingness going on. Rod's never run a fever, and just is a bit gooey. So far, very impressed with the Tamiflu, given how badly I do normally with viruses

So far, no signs of a regression in Dominic aside from a clear short fuse because he didn't feel good. We will continue to monitor. His temp never went over 103.4, and we only had to medicate 3 times, with kids motrin (dye free). (for the record, I only medicate kids fevers over 102, and adult fevers over 101)., We actually left the house today for the first time since Monday (for Dominic) and Tuesday (for me) and had lunch at Mimi's (they'll do allergy free for us). Dominic did an excellent job of sitting in the booster without arguing, listening, using utensils and making eye contact. Minimal words, but thats not suprising, it was really loud in there.

Only big plans this weekend are to take the dog for a haircut. He's gotten way too shaggy.

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