Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We have the flu

H1N1 per the doc. But there wasn't a swab, so really, we have a virus that is behaving like the pig flu (everyone run, its the aporkalypse!!!!!). oh, right. Its the flu.

We do have tamiflu, but are not giving it to Dominic because of side effects. So far he's eating, drinking plenty of fluids, we're managing the fever w/minimal motrin doses. He's got a bit of a cough starting, but I can manage that with my homemade cough syrup, it'll cure anything lung related. We have also broken out our antiviral arsenal and are including Oscillo, ViraStop, Super Immune Plus, Olive Leaf Extract, and Goldenseal, as well as garlic laden homemade chicken soup. I'm taking Tamiflu myself mostly becuase I really get knocked down by virus's (remember that 6 weeker in July and August???) and i'm willing to deal with the nausea from tamiflu to minimize its impact. We have Tamiflu for Rod, and it'll be up to him if he takes it.

So, yeah, he went to preschool and Alpine Monday of this week and won't be back until Monday of next week at the earliest. We don't want to infect the masses.

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Kate said...

Ugh...sorry to hear it! But on the bright side, you are getting it early in "flu season" so hopefully it will be a mild bout and you will be all set.