Saturday, October 10, 2009

best birthday present ever.

So, almost a year ago, Dominic had his second regression and stopped even trying to say I love you. And thats the point in this whole adventure when I got truly angry and starting channeling that anger into figuring out what to do.

Tonight, which is by the way, my birthday, we got home from our dinner and the hockey game, sent the babysitter home, and got Dominic up for his 10pm pee break. Tucked him back in, and said I love you... and - he unprompted - albeit very slowly - said "Love you too"

This represents a HUGE amount of work on his part, and he's come close to doing it a couple of times, but finally he put it all together independently with absolutely no prompting. It may just be three words and they may be spoken very haltingly, but its a giant step for him.

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Kate said...

Happy Birthday & I am so excited to hear all the progress Dominic has made!