Saturday, November 28, 2009

Catch up on the week

Its been a busy week, sorry for the lack of posting. But well, busy.

Monday, Dominic had OT after Alpine, and they've added a new target - best way to describe it is we're trying to get him to touch his left knee with his right hand (and vice versa) and we want to end up with him doing this standing and bringing the knees up to his hand. Works right/left brain, core strength and stability. Kiddo is NOT digging this.

Tuesday, Dominic's preschool class had their stone soup lunch - basically vegetable soup and the parents come for lunch. I took him. He was very concerned about the change in routine - why was I going in with him, why was the room rearranged w/more tables, and who were all these adults. But he maintained actually pretty well. We didn't stay for the whole thing, as we had to get him over to Alpine for therapy, but overall I was pleased at how well he did outside of routine. We got to visit a bit with his teacher/aides in an informal setting which was nice.

Wednesday, nothing exciting regarding Dominic, but it took us 11 hours to smoke the turkey (this is why we do it the day before. outside temp and wind and such make a huge difference in how long it takes to smoke the bird) and I did a huge amount of prep work for Thanksgiving.

Thursday was actually quieter than expected, we only had 2 guests instead of 5 (flu), and Dominic did better than he's done at a holiday in ages - he stayed upstairs and interacted. He sat nicely in his chair (no booster seat strapping him in) and he ate really well. He really likes the sugary sweet potatoes. Alot. Very high energy, and we're still seeing the wince-inducing knee drops onto the floor but overall he did great.

Friday he and I did a little black Friday shopping (we got an amazing price on the DVD-R's that Rod loves) and went to the gym. In the afternoon Allison came down from her folks with Maya and Gavin and Dominic interacted better with them than he has since the regression. He shared, he played, he initiated play with Gavin and he actually he did manage to say hello (prompted). Allison noticed big changes even since we saw them the beginning of October. when they left, he gave everyone hugs. He and Maya are still roughly the same height.

Both yesterday and Today, he's been spending copious amounts of time outside. It helps that its GORGEOUS. And he's running alot. I just watched him mowing the lawn with the toddler lawn mower we've had since he turned 2. So he's independently appropriately playing with toys.

The biofilm protocol is going okay. The hardest part is the timing bit. Its interesting, on Nov 14 we'd given him charcoal because he was acting like he'd gotten into food he shouldn't have (super giggly, bouncing off walls). normally when we do that, the next day he has black poop. he never did have black poop. So 4 days into the biofilm protocol (Nov 23 - 9 days after the charcoal) he had black poop. Fascinating. Thats WAY too long for it to be in his system (especially when all he was having was massive diarrhea) unless it was hung up in something. Which gives credence to the concept of biofilms. All very interesting stuff. We're not seeing anything negative w/the biofim protocol, and we've been on it now a full 7 days.

Tonight he'll get to hang out with a babysitter while Rod and I go to a hockey game. Then tomorrow we really have no plans - we'll go to the gym for a workout but thats it. Next week, we get the challenge of bringing him home from Alpine, giving him the biofilm protocol, and then leaving for the gym. This is hard for me because once I'm home, I just want to be done. But the gym is good for everyone, so we're going to try really hard. From what I'm reading about the biofilm protocol is its not a forever thing, its 3-5 months and then you just watch yeast really closely.

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