Saturday, December 5, 2009


so, one of Dominic's biggest IEP goals has been to appropriately use yes and no. Seriously, the boy has not been able to say yes or no in like 2 years. he totally lost the concept of replying to something in an affirmative fashion. The past few months, he's done really well imitating us saying yes, but his way to be affirmative is clearly to repeat the noun.

For example - Mom: Dominic, would you like some more juice.
Dominic: Juice, juice.

Anyway, once a month or so, we'd get a very quiet independent yes out of him.

This morning, our conversation went like this:

Dominic: juice juice
Me: What about it?
Dominic: juice juice
me: did you want some more?
Dominic: juice, juice....... yes.

clear as a bell, he gave us an independent, non-imitative yes.

And he's done that since then at least 10 times - there is a pause, but he's independently saying yes. Its going to be really interesting to see how/if it continues, but this is a HUGE shift. Seriously, he has said yes so infrequently in the past year, that we can count the times on one hand.

For now, tho, since nothing else has changed in the past few weeks, I'm chalking one up to the biofilm protocol

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