Wednesday, December 9, 2009

and we have generalization....

The YES thing has generalized... he's doing it now "lots" at Alpine, and did it for our OT tonight. He hasn't had preschool since it started (weather cancellations and delays) but i expect it'll generalize there too. Exciting stuff.

Next year, we're going to only be doing private OT every other week (new insurance is limiting us to 30visits per year), and our OT is pretty excited because at 2x a week, she's seeing new developments in him every session, so she's expecting HUGE changed every session when we go to 2x a month.

the rest of the month shakes out like this:

Friday the 11th - last Friday special preschool class of the year
Saturday the 12th - fasting bloodwork visit (fun)
Monday the 14th - physical w/our primary doc to make sure he's peachy for oral surgery the 18th
Wed the 16th - last day of preschool this year and December parent meeting at Alpine to talk progress.
Thursday the 17th - gingerbread house construction w/Daddy
Friday the 18th - oral surgery. (fun)
Wed the 23rd - last Alpine session of the year AND Alpine party.
Thurs the 24th - we'll start the OSR protocol (starting it while he's off school just in case...)

Then we're hosting the family christmas eve and day stuff.


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