Friday, December 18, 2009

update on our busy week...

Friday the 11th - last Friday special preschool class of the year
He did great, and had fun. he generalized YES here as well

Saturday the 12th - fasting bloodwork visit (fun)
this wasn't so fun, but we got it done.

Monday the 14th - physical w/our primary doc to make sure he's peachy for oral surgery the 18th
He was peachy. Took the physical to the dentists office, paid them, signed paperwork and that was that.

Wed the 16th - last day of preschool this year and December parent meeting at Alpine to talk progress.
Preschool sent home a present from Dominic to us. We'll open on Christmas. And a present from them to Dominic. Very fun. The parent meeting went well at Alpine. They're still tweaking his colors and shapes programs because he's just having a hard time getting the concepts behind something being a color or a shape. We're kind of hoping that the neurological reconnection we have seen with the YES thing will happen for shapes, colors, and time.

Friday the 18th - oral surgery. (fun)
Not so fun. He ended up with 8 fillings instead of 6 and woke up really angry and disoriented. We can tell he's in pain, and are hoping that as the anesthesia and narcotics wear off (they gave him phentanyl) he'll be less out of it. Surgery was 2 hours late in starting due to an emergency in the OR before us. So we got to sit and wait.... and wait... and that was probably the most frustrating part.

We ended up doing another stool test this week because Dominic's poop is still vile colored, mostly liquid and horrendous smelling. We did a 3 day test w/parasitology, which i fedexed off yesterday. The instructions were to do a double dose of activated charcoal 3 days in a row after doing the stool test to see if that firmed things up at all. Which was good timing since AC pulls out everything, we're using it today to pull out the toxins from the anesthesia.

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