Monday, November 16, 2009

Notes for our appt on Thurs w/Dr Kucera

(this time he wanted me to email it to him early so he could read it over. Imagine that)

Summary of Dominic’s Spreadsheet since Sept 24.

We had just reached the full dose of Cytoflora last appt (4
droppersful per day) and then had about 7 days of yeastie looking
poop, followed by 7 days of normal healthy looking poop, followed by 4
days of yeastie “mashed potato Poo”. October 19, he had diarrhea and
the next morning he was running a 103 degree fever - Dr Bamberger Dx’d
H1N1 based on symptoms. We did NOT give him Tamiflu, but medicated
the fever w/Motrin and pushed fluids. He had a fever Oct 20 and 21.
The diarrhea Oct 20 thru 23 was yellow liquid with undigested food in
it. October 24-30 was brown and firming up a tiny bit each day and we
had gotten back to thick applesauce texture. Nov 1, it went back to
yellow liquid and his temp went back up to 102. Nov 2 his temp went
up to 103.8 and we took him to Dr Bamberger who said still viral, no
source of infection, lungs are clear. Nov 2-6 his appetite tanked and
he had watery brown diarrhea within 20min of eating, with recognizable
food coming directly out. Nov 8 to present, he is still having
diarrhea, its gotten texturally better gradually, and today (Sunday),
we’re having very soft but formed stools. We have been supplementing
w/Pedialyte and we added Caprylex ½ cap on Nov 6 which we upped to a
full cap on Nov 9. We also added primal defense probiotic back in Nov
6 in addition to the Therabiotic.

Exciting behavior changes correlating to full dose of Cytoflora and
addition of Therabiotic (since nothing else has changed)

- Oct 7 – OT therapists noticing better attention and commented on it
- Oct 8 – Daycare at the Gym commented that he was talking
noticeably more
- Oct 10 – independently said “Love You Too” for the first
time in almost a year during bedtime routine.
- Oct 13 – huge jump in free operant pairing (verbal attempts)
at Alpine to 124 – first time ever to break 100. It stayed over 100
until the week he got sick, when it dropped down to 60-80 per day
while he felt bad
- Oct 14 – First time since starting ABA to get a 100% on the
eye contact program And most excitingly, he has had perfect eye
contact EVERY therapy day since even while he was sick
- Nov 10 – big leap to another record day at Alpine – 152 free
operant pairings, and a major cognitive leap w/block imitation (went
from doing 6 blocks, to 10)
- Just in the past week, he’s started putting his own laundry
away, helping me feed the birds in the morning, and we’ve been able to
remove the booster seat slash containment device from the dinner table
and he’s no longer eloping.

So, his tummy’s still a mess, and I really think what happened is
H1N1 shredded the delicate balance we’d managed to get to and he’s
SLOWLY getting back. I think we’ve got more yeast going on, too, based
on the amount of inappropriate giggling.

Sleep is mostly good. When he’s sick, he wakes up a couple of times a
night, but for the most part, he’s getting a solid 11 hours of sleep.

Questions etc, for 11-19 appt:

Testing followup questions:
Molybdenum – should we supplement with it when we start w/the OSR?
Can we reduce supplemental levels of Lithium, Zinc, Copper based on
the lab results?
Did he come back w/high testosterone?
What did the metals test pull – the urine sample was the grossest
thing ever – looked like pulpy orange juice in color and texture, so
definitely pulled something out.

Other Questions:
Have we ever tested Dominic’s thyroid? Hypothroidism runs in the
family, and I just saw a possibility online that low iodine in the
thyroid makes it harder to fight candida

all the hoopla about XMRV makes me really want to get Dominic tested
for it. Supposedly this company has patented the test and is offering
it - What is your opinion?

After we get his gut cleaned back up, and see how we do on OSR, I
really still want to do something to work on his right/left brain
hemispheric communication. I asked about piracetam
( last appt, but we
didn’t really get to a discussion point. I’d really like to know
about either starting it or aniracetam
( If you could please
let me know which would make more sense with the goal being more
speech and better left/right brain communication, I’d appreciate it.
I expect its still 3-4 months away – I want to do at least 6 weeks
with OSR being the only supplement added.

I am planning on holding off on the stool test I have in the closet
until he’s had at least 2 weeks of healthy looking poop. Do you agree
or should I wait longer?

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