Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bloggity Catch up date

Wow, what a busy week.
Lets see if I can hit it all

- Dominic is still having tummy issues. They're slowly starting to clear up, we think. We have an appointment the end of this week with Dr Kucera, and at this rate, i suspect they'll want to see him.

- Dominic has learned how to put his own laundry away. Its very cute. He's also very much wanting to help do things like cook and feed the birds. The interaction is really nice to see

- We had a chili party last night and Dominic's interactions with everyone were EXCELLENT. He sat nicely at the little table in our living room with his friend Auri and ate dinner. He interacted moderately with adults he doesn't see very often (way better than going and hiding in his room being overwhelmed with the crowd. And generally did great. Little bit of yeastie giggles, but no behavior issues.

- Dominics speech is coming back up. We had one really chatty day at Alpine last week with 152 words. the rest were over 100, so we seem to be back to where we were before the flu. This is good.

- Apparently Dominic likes rollercoasters. Alpine had a field trip on Friday to The North Pole (up the pass) and apparently he had a BLAST. I'm excited to see pictures from it. I guess he rode the rollercoaster twice. He takes after Mom. (Dad doesn't do rollercoasters)

- Dominic had a dentist appointment on Thursday and the positive was that this is the first the dentist has been able to get an instrument into his mouth (third visit...), the negative is that instrument showed way more cavities than we expected - he's got 6. Which floors us because he gets brushed twice daily, and for all intents and purposes has no sugar in his diet at this point. As well as multiple daily exposures to xylitol which is supposed to strengthen tooth enamel. The dentist really wants to do full sedation in an OR for the fillings, but neither this year or next years health insurance will cover it, so its either going to be conscious sedation in the dentist office or not at all. They're supposed to call me back.

- Tuesday I'm having a touch base meeting with the teacher, supplemental services, and speech therapist for Dominic. i've also got to pick up a choice permit for him to stay in this school next year. We're in the process of setting up a meeting with the principal and special ed folks he'd be working with next year. So long as I don't get any major red flag feelings from them and their sp. ed. policies, we'll do our best to stay there. Technically its not our home school, but i'm really hoping we can stay.

- Dominic's preschool teacher reports that he's doing much better with peer interaction and is now turn taking with other children during play. Not verbal yet, but its coming. She's also got him verbally asking for snack.

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