Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quickie updates

Overall, a good weekend with Dominic.

I had a long conversation with the Doctors office Thurs and they called back Friday. We are sending in a urine sample for another OAT test to see if we can figure out exactly whats gonig on in his gut. Actually they said, either OAT or the stool test thats languishing in my cubbard. Kiddo has explosive poop, i'm SO NOT doing a stool test. Anyway, we'll fedex that off tomorrow. yippee skippee.

Dominic is acting more energetic this weekend. He's still low on the vocal side, but for the first time EVER today (well, granted, first time i've ever asked him to), he put his laundry away after I folded it. I did give him one type at a time, and by the time he got it in the right drawer, it was unfolded, but i'd say its a nice step for him to start doing some chores.

Also this morning he fed the birds and got them fresh water (with supervision from me to make sure he didn't give them too much food.

He played all afternoon with his large ToMater truck (its a tow truck) and a large car - and he played appropriately, they raced, and the tow truck towed the car. It was very cute.

Dominic's appetite is back, too, which is very nice to see.

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