Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things 2009 gave to Me..

12 months of obsessive compulsive research.

11 months of biomedical treatment

10 months of keeping mileage records and every single medical reciept(from the point we realized we’d be itemizing medical expenses this year)

9 months of the school district on their toes

8 months of calling the insurance company twice a week.

7 months of ABA therapy at Alpine

6 different doctors for Dominic (not including the dentist)

5 date nights with my husband

4 different babysitters who work well with Dominic

3 months of post H1N1 intestinal issues that no one seems to be able to fix

2 weeks of “YES”’s

and one sweet little boy who makes it all worth it in the end.

Thanks for being around to support us through this year. We hope that 2010 is far more even keeled and forward moving.

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