Monday, January 4, 2010

The Scoop on the Poop, part 2.

Okay, so, here we are 8 days into prunes. Right away, we noticed fewer episodes per day - down from day 8-10 to 2-4. And we noticed a distinct color change from greenish grey to brown.

But it was still explosive. And while there was less of it, there was still undigested food.

4 day weekends really screw with routine... especially when routine is come home from Alpine, give Dominic his biofilm supplement immediately and hard enough to follow.... So I forgot on 12-31. And again 1-1. By Saturday I figured, lets give this a week off of biofilm and see what happens.

Today... today in the morning, he had the usual explosive brown liquid. but Tonight.... we had NORMAL (albeit soft) Formed Poop. NORMAL! for the first time since OCTOBER 18. (i know this because i track poop in my spreadsheet.)

So... is it the prunes, or is the biofilm protocol, or was it both? And will it happen again tomorrow. stay tuned.

And, in other non related news, tonight was night #3 of putting him to bed without melatonin. so.. perhaps we can stop that too and only keep it around for when he really is insomniac-ing.

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