Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick updates…

>We’re so glad Dominic’s back to both preschool and Alpine. The break was LONG. Reports back from both are that he’s easily distracted, but coming back to focus and routine pretty quickly.

Tummy wise, we have good poop! Several days of it now in fact, so I’m comfortable in saying we’ll be holding on the current supplements for a few weeks before testing adding back in biofilm protocol… Doc’s office got back the stool test, which he’s reviewing and then I’ll get a copy, will be interesting to see if there are any gut pathogens.

Speech wise, he seems to be holding steady, maybe a little less… some days are better than others.

Stim wise, he’s growling a lot, and driving us nuts. And he’s started chewing his clothing. Which is also annoying.

He’s also off melatonin now, which is nice. He’s back to falling asleep with no additional help aside from good routine. We like this.

Saw the Dentist yesterday for a surgery followup, and not only is everything great, but our dental insurance paid more than expected, so they did 8 fillings instead of 6 and instead of us having to pay anymore out of pocket than we already paid, we’re getting like $30 back. The anesthesiologists have billed the health insurance, but the hospital has not. Odd.

Also had our first OT appointment of the year yesterday. Because our new insurance is only going to cover 30 visits this year, we’re going every other week during the school year and then will do weekly in the summer. We have a whole list of things to do at home with Dominic to further facility left-right brain crossing, fine and gross motor skills, etc.

Insurance company wise, I’m fighting united healthcare still for the last couple of months of 2009. I’ve already started talking with Anthem about 2010, and gotten myself a single point of contact over there who is researching to find out if we’ll have coverage. She’s not clear based on the wording in the contract how its going to come down. She’s very nice, and I have to say I’m more impressed customer service wise by Anthem than I ever was by united healthcare. I actually have 3 direct phone numbers to Anthem reps, which is 2 more than I ever got from United. I have last names, too. So, there’s a chance they’ll pay, there’s a chance they won’t. Either way, we are seeing such improvement from just 7 months of Alpine therapy that we will figure out a way to make it continue. Our general goal is half days the rest of the school year, full days Summer of 2010, half days the school year of 2010-11, and full days that summer of 2011 then mainstream him in first grade. We just have no idea where he’s going to be in a year… and are making just educated guesses. There’s a chance we won’t go that long at Alpine. There’s a chance we’ll have to go much longer. One way or another, we’ll keep him there as long as he needs it tho.

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