Monday, January 11, 2010

we *told* you his gut was a mess.

I got a call on Friday from our favorite medical assistant over at Dr Kucera's office. She finally had gotten Doctors DAta to fax over the results of the stool test (which i should get in the mail today...) and they were a mess. Big Shock. We knew from what was coming out that there were major problems.

Good news first.
No parasites or ova were found.
No red blood cells were found.
No yeast found

Now the bad stuff.
Tons of gut flora imbalances (so bad bugs that there were significant numbers of)
of the good bugs, he has NO BIFIDO. In July his Bifido numbers looked great, so this is significant. my personal guess is thats what the H1N1 did to his gut.

The IBD markers that were high enough in July to raise Dr Kucera's eyebrows have now tripled. (thats the lactoferrin and lysozome) The IgA (inflammatory marker) has also more than tripled.

Only thing that suprised me was the complete lack of Bifido. Nothing else suprised me. The gut bug imbalances totally explain the hideous, paint peeling smell and awful color.

This is what we're doing about all of this.

1. Ww're done with the biofilm protocol. We may discuss adding it back in later, but if we do, i'll be asking for the interfase without EDTA (as opposed to the interfase plus with edta), because i think his gut can't handle oral chelators running through it.

2. We're adding a specific Bifido probiotic

3. We're adding GI Revive

4. We're staying on the Enhansa (curcumin), Cytoflora, Aloe juice, and prune juice. We may even increase them.

His poop is still looking better. Not perfect, but better. We are having at least one solid looking, normal poop per day. The diarrhea, when he has it, is no longer so explosive we hear it 3 rooms away,and its down to like 1-2x per day instead of hourly.

We're still on the OSR. we just went up to a full capsule m/w/f this week. Still not sure if we love it, we're not seeing gains. We are seeing stims which is apparently normal in the beginning. Right now, those stims (he's chewing fingers and clothing, and growling) are easily redirected.

edited to add:
I may be revising the OSR thing, too. My gut says to stop it entirely. Last weeks school and alpine reports were that he was distracted. This morning, his preschool teacher said that he was kind of in a fog. 'Kind of in a fog' is a warning bell to us. we'll see how he does at Alpine this afternoon and tomorrow, next dose of OSR should be Wednesday, but it may not be.

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