Thursday, January 14, 2010

Insurance decision...

So, I've had this lovely woman at our new insurance company trying to find out if we would be getting coverage this year for Dominic's therapy at Alpine. She and i have been talking pretty much since Jan 2. The question was, since Dominic's diagnosis is Aphasia, which is medical, would this therapy - that they count as behavioral health - be covered. The answer that came back is no. The only diagnosis that this insurance will cover any of this therapy for is a straight autism diagnosis. And that would only cover 60 visits per year, up to age 6. I believe she was actually in tears when she called me back, because I told her the whole story and how well he's been doing at Alpine.

So the option is out there to get his diagnosis changed. But if we did, it would only buy him 4 months of reimbursement, and then be impossible to remove from his medical records which could mean issues down the road.

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